Review: Is Profusion X Cash Gifting Real Or Scam? Is There No Marketing Required?

Profusion X cash gifting program pre-launched in early December, 2009. If you know about cash gifting online, you’re probably thinking “whats new?” Isn’t Profusion X going to be the same as the rest of these fly by night programs, with many people failing? Thinking this, you will be shocked to learn that many people including current cash gifters are jumping ship to join Profusion X. Why would they?

Before I get into, and answer WHY even current marketers and cash gifters are bringing themselves as well as their downlines to Profusion X, lets get back into making money online. We all know with the economy the way it is, and jobs being scarce combined with the fact people are looking for financial security or freedom, they know that they can log on to the powerful world wide web and start their own business, or join a work from home opportunity. Internet marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and work at home opportunities became a popular trend for many looking to make a little income to help make ends meet or even replace their income while at the same time gaining freedom. No job out there is safe, and it is a smart move to create multiple streams of income for yourself.

For many people, their online dreams became a reality. They were able to make 6 or even 7 figure incomes from the comfort of their homes, while spending only a few hours per day or week. At the same time, TONS more people failed, made little or no money, and even got burned as they spent money trying to get the business ball rolling. They move from business to business, launch to launch, and never finding anything that clicks. Why? well the reason for this is that many people simply don’t have the knowledge, money, or time to market, get leads, follow up, etc…

An alternative to online business but just as lucrative is the activity known as Cash Gifting. It became very popular online due to power of leverage. It allowed a lot of money to come in for many people without the troubles of business such as selling something, and worrying about other people. Even with the ease of success many gifters saw, even more people found out over time that they had the same problems they’ve had in the past. After giving their gift or pledge away, they were pretty much on their own. They were given the flashy cookie cutter pages, and had to learn on their own methods to get leads… much of the time coming out of pocket to do costly pay per click, emails, learn techniques by purchasing books, etc… It then became all the same, until now!

Profusion X comes out to do what no other cash gifting community can offer. Yes they have the standards of the better programs out there, such as the personal websites, auto responders, support, and even affordable gifting, but get ready for this!

Profusion X simplifies everything to the point where you can have 0 internet business experience and do well. There is no “1-up” system or giving up your first gift to your inviter(common in many other programs). With this new system, you’ll never have to market, buy leads, do any pay per click, pay for advertising, send out an email, chase anyone, make another video, or post another ad! You can sit back and let the system do 95% of the work for you. The rest is just checking emails, answering phone calls, and receiving money straight to your door, or online payment processor.

This is what REALLY separates Profusion X from any other program out there. The founders of Profusion X have their own proprietary marketing system, and every member of Profusion X receive 50 free fresh leads each week in their back office. All of those prospects and leads receive automated email messages with your contact information, so you dont need to send emails unless you want to send personal ones which you can blast from your back office. If you do other forms of marketing or business, these are leads you can download and use for your other opportunities.

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